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Distressed Business Broke by NAABB

The North American Alliance of Business Brokers has a very creative concept to help the owners of distressed sell their business before they close up for good

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Distressed Business Seller Benefits

Confidentiality & Qualification

We are the pioneers in the confidential sale of existing businesses to qualified buyers. And “qualification” is the key here as we will only work with qualified buyers who have completed a Non Disclosure process. Since 2001 we have never had confidentiality broken.

Buyer Connections & Networks

We know where to go to find qualified business buyers. We are not only the largest account for North America’s two largest business for sale networks but we also work with 14,000 + current and former professional football players seeking business investment opportunities.

Our Unique Philosophy

We believe in representing our business seller clients. Selling a business is an emotional decision and we fully understand that you need to be taken care of. We also have a myriad of services depending on your situation.

Total Success

Over 50% of the distressed businesses that we work with end up selling. That’s upward of 5x the national average. Our success comes from our strict buyer process and we may be able to finance the buyer deposit as well.

About Us

NAABB and owner Scott Radin have been helping business owners and buyers since 2001. We stay ahead of the curve by developing new and advanced processes to sell businesses.

A business broker is hired by business owners to sell his or her business in a confidential manner to qualified business buyers. We broker the sale of the business goodwill and assets rather than real estate. All that we ask is that you give us the opportunity by setting up a NO OBLIGATION consultation.


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